Thursday, February 25, 2010

Waka Flocka Deez!

I love Hip Hop y' know this. And I can't front, I love the Hip Hop from back in the day, but I'd be remiss if I was to say that I didn't enjoy some of the current-day music that's being put out. I fully understand that some of the cats aren't going to match up to my standards being that I have been blessed to witness the true GREATS in their rise...their climax...and even in their descension in some cases.

I say all that to say, I KNOW that (GOOD) Hip Hop has had its GREAT, yet IGNANT moments. Many artists come to mind, don't front.

BUT THIS, I take issue with.

Waka Flocka Flame is saddening. Like REALLY. SADDENING.

I'll let these interviews speak for themselves:

Now...even though this nigga's "so-called" hit song, "O Let's Do It" (and I only say "so-called" because it'll be interesting to see if the play that it's getting will translate into record sales), is getting burn, is ACTUALLY kinda catchy, and contain lyrics like, "I influence...drug dealing music", I respect him for doing what's obviously is in his heart as an artist. ***SIDENOTE: I'm an artist myself , and I have a few choice words hopefully he'd respect too***


**Message to Wacka Flocka**

But on some real shyt, how you gonna make yo'self out to be the MAN when YOU were the victim?

NIGGA, YOU GOT ROBBED..........AND SHOT!!!!!!!!!!

You tryin' to make the cat that did it out to be some lame, but HE got away with YO' jewlery in exchange for the lead that he deposited in you. He left without a band-aid, nigga! No aspirin or pain killers needed. Them hospital pain killers felt good didn't they? Not a scratch. Not a boo-boo. No papercut even from a doctor's bill that you have to pay now. You say he was scared, but I don't know if the nigga even broke a sweat! Yo' nerves was fucked up...on yo' right sidel

Who won nigga?? You? Not.

Honestly, in a situation like this, I know that no one wins. But don't try to make yo'self out to be some O.G. cat that can't be touched because niggas WILL try you. Everytime. And your track record doesn't look good. They even did it to your C.E.O.. Check The Rhyme


Beyond the foolishness in the interviews, I'm moreso concerned with the response on his facebook fan page. I understand the well wishes for your "hero", but DAMN:


February 3 at 6:32pm

Aaron Stick Boy Feggins: yeaaa waka hanle dat shyt like a g

February 3 at 6:41pm

Devin McCall: yu a real ass nigg dawg...

February 3 at 6:42pm

Damon Doitbigstein Walker: Fuck Dem pussy Niggas dey can't beat yo Ass Wit dey hands so dey use guns

February 3 6:46pm

Shannon TheGreatest Hollingsworth: damnnnnnnnnnnnnn he so damnnnnnnnnnn fineeeeeeeeeeeee shitttt niggas done SHOT my future husband!!!! stupid broke ass niggas LMFAO

February 4 at 12:07am

Trapboy Dubz: rite flocka bounce back like it aint shit, we rockin out witch out here, Westsid Wilmington, Delaware nigga!!!! cum thrum click on my music link n hear dat trap music!!! **TRAPBOY DUBZ** WESTSIDE WILMINGTON, DE

February 4 at 2:31am

D.j. Pollard: real nigga

February 4 at 5:30pm

Trust, there's worse...everything from the love professions of "I'm Mrs. Wacka Flocka" to "Flocka, you da REALEST".

Not knowing the profiles of these individuals, I will take the liberty of assuming that they're mostly teens who may not know any better.

**YET ANOTHER SIDENOTE: Jay's "I'm afraid for the future / Y'all respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter" lyric keeps ringing in my head.**


What do y'all think?

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

"He left without a band-aid, nigga!"