Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is It Wright Or Wrong??


This whole Reverend Wright thing is funny. Why all the hoopla over this dude? I really don't understand. In the speeches I've heard from dude, he spit real shyt. I don't know if he's on the Clinton's pay role, but it's disgusting how the media is focusing on him and connecting him with Barack Obama. Let's be clear, he DOES have a connection with the Clintons also.


Is this the only dirt you can dig up on Obama? Get the fuck outta here!!

I really feel like McCain and Clinton can't say nothing about Obama themselves because they'll be deemed as being racist. You know Blacks are sensitive. Therefore, another black dude is their best bet in discredenting Obama.

Anyway, what are your thoughts??

Monday, April 28, 2008

Either They Don't Know...Don't Show... part TWO


A few days ago, three NYPD officers were acquitted for snuffing out one man and relentlessly trying to murder two others in a hail of bullets in which one officer fired 4 shots, another eleven, and the other, an astounding THIRTY-ONE deadly rounds of ammunition at three unarmed men who couldn't have possibly presented a clear and present danger. THIS brief moment in time changed SO many lives forever.


The friends, family, and the world, for that matter, will never have closure to the senseless slaying of Sean Bell and the wicked ambush that him and his friends received on that dreadful morning of his wedding day. Two young girls will never have the experience of their father helping them with their homework, teaching them how to drive, staying away from undeserving guys, and being a pillar of standard in becoming princesses and queens to be. When they are ill, their father will not be there to comfort them. They will never see their father's confident, assuring smile that made everything alright ever again. They'll never be daddy's little girls again.


Ms. Nicole Paultre Bell, his fiance', will never see her King waiting for her at the alter as she walks down that aisle. She'll never experience that kiss as the preacher pronounces her Mrs. Sean Bell, or exchanging rings, or soaking in the bliss of wedding the man she loved. She'll never experience the dynamics of his personality that made her want to become his beloved wife in the first place. Nicole will never feel his touch, his comfort, his warmth, his smell, his taste, his "ways" ever again.

William and Valerie Bell, his parents, saw their son laid to rest before them, which is devastating for any parent because of course, it's suppose to be the other way around, right? Not in this case. Still a young, vibrant 23-year-old, Sean is survived by his working class parents who witnessed their son's life snatched away in a violent fury of gun shots that will forever stain New York's streets. The decades and life lessons they poured into raising Sean, being strong parents, and leading him in a righteous way were deminished in mere seconds at the hands of individuals who are suppose to serve and protect.

The rest of his family and friends will only have memories of the guy that they adored dearly, loved unconditionally, and looked foward to him starting a brand new chapter in his life with his family.

On the day Sean and Nicole were scheduled to stand in front of the Lord and make their union a spiritual bond to last FOREVER until death do them part...Death did them part - at the hands of three undercover law officers trying to make a prostitution bust, and found themselves in a wild, wild west shoot out (well, not really...shots were only coming from their end) with three unarmed men.

I wasn't an eye-witness there nor did I hear everyone's testimony before the judge so I won't place a judgement without hearing all the facts. I do believe in karma and I know that everyone will get their just do.

It's funny to me though because, as all the activists and protesters vie for their spot on the national and global news, it doesn't change the fact that Sean was murdered. And he's not coming back. No more good night kisses to his more embracing his fiance' as they more insightful conversations with his parents. Yet, everyone and their mama will raise hell about this situation for the next several weeks. Once the hoopla dies down, folks will be back to being complacent and/or just move onto the next "cause" that's "hot" at the time.

Many people and organizations have put out "calls to action". The ironic part about this is that, most of the times, that's simply all it is - "A Call". No. Action. Follows.

I understand that racism and police brutality/profiling has and will forever plague the world. If you don't recognize that, educate yourself for your own's sake. At any rate, if you ain't gonna DO shit about it and develop a constructive plan to combat these things from happening, please Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Thank You.

P.S. I wonder if any of the presidential candidates will address the situation or if they're just gonna turn their heads...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You GOTTA Love This Guy!!


My homeboy, filmmaker Michael Moore, has chimed in with his "2 Cents" about the current election. I don't know about y'all, but after seeing "Fahrenheit 9/11", "Sicko", and a few youtube clips, I've become a fan of the Michiganian (is that the proper term??...who cares??).

Anyway, he brings up some very good points (that most of us may already know) and it's always cool to see his take on things.

So click here to read Mike's Letter.

Also, here are some funny, yet SO serious youtube clip from my dude.


Friday, April 4, 2008


Today, April 4th 2008, marks the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s untimely assasination at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN. With all due respect, I will present to you another CLASSIC video from Public Enemy in which the concept is centered around King's Holiday receiving resistance from certain states before it was accepted nationally. The video also takes us back to the Civil Rights era with a raw look at how it was to be Black in America at the time. All the while, tracing the last days of MLK while he was alive.

There's a twist at the end that really makes me wish that P.E. was around in the late '60's. Here's "By The Time I Get To Arizona"...