Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Baby Jesus!!

Merry Christmas to ALL...and Happy Birthday Little Baby Jesus!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dumb Jock.

We've seen this story countless times.

Dumb Jock accumulates wealth and fame because of his God-given talent, passion, and skill.

Dumb Jock gets married. As a result, creating a jackpot lottery winner of some suspecting female whom of course loves him for who he is and not the money.

Dumb Jock impregnates his wife thus securing a streamline of income for her for the next 2 decades of her life.

Dumb Jock cheats with some bullshyt, trifling ass chick(s) that probably wouldn't give him the time of day if it wasn't for his money and fame.

Dumb Jock gets caught.

Dumb Jock's wife sticks it out and plays the supportive role for awhile. Afterall, if she has any sense, she probably suspected he was cheating any way. Only thing now is, the world knows and the media attention brings on a pressure and embarrassment that she's never felt before.

Dumb Jock's wife files for divorce and is granted an astronomical amount of money...and of course custody of their child(ren).

Dumb Jock who was once labeled a phenom, protege', champion, best in the world...proves to just be another Dumb. Jock.

The End.

This story has obviously just played out again with golf superstar Tiger Woods.

***SIDENOTE: I read yesterday someone said his name should be "Cheetah"...LOL!!!! Funny shyt.***

Although we don't know (or care) of what's gonna be the future of Woods and his wife, I did find this shyt right here pretty darn hilarious:

From NBA star and known cheater Shaquille O'Neal:

“Tiger’s my guy. I’m not going to be like everybody else and say off-the-wall comments. I just hope he’s OK. The problem going on is when you have people disguising as media putting out reports, and then people believing what they read. We don’t know what’s fact, we don’t know what’s true. We just hope he’s OK.”

For real my nigga?? You just "hope he's OK"?? Like he's the fuggin' victim?? Since when does gettin' your rocks off and bustin' nuts across the country all willy-nilly makes you a fuggin' victim? The nigga's gonna still be caked up after it's all said and done and it's not like he's committed a crime requiring jail time and shyt like that so I just don't understand the well wishes. Is it because what should be a private matter is going to be under the microscope of public opinion for the next few weeks or until another celebrity scandal breaks? Since he's ultimately responsible for his own actions, which were dumb, selfish, and reminiscent of a teenaged boy who just can't keep his dick in his pants, I fail to see why he wouldn't EXPECT the shyt to play out in the media and public forums considering who he is.

Nigga, you ain't THAT Dumb.

And for Shaq to say something about it...(Actually, for Shaq to say ANYTHING) just laughable considering his wife is already in the "leaving" part of their story.

Fugg outta here...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thick Skin vs. Thin Skin

Although many people have dismissed the gift, internal strength, and integrity that goes along with being a model (especially starring in music videos and the such), I have always looked beyond the outer core and admired that special "umph" that goes along with choosing a profession or hobby such as modeling. ***See: "VIXENS"*** There's a strength, confidence in it that is very rare amongst women. Of course some people may discount it and say that there is nothing hard about shedding some clothes and posing or dancing in front of a camera, but it's not so cut and dry in my opinion. When it comes down to it, many women do not have what it takes physically AND mentally. As a model, every photograph you take is fair game for hard criticism and judgement. Every time you're in front of a camera or in eye shot of anyone, you will be constantly judged on your appearance...even if you're just pumping gas or perusing the aisles of Walmart. You will be called a "video hoe", slut, whore, groupie, bitch, and all the derivatives thereof even if you're NOT that. Some brothas will disrespect you and only see you as a sex object and some sistas will hate on you while secretly wishing they could be you simply because they ASSUME you are less intelligent or talented as them. Your parents, family members, and friends may even wish to distance themselves from you based on your decision to explore the world of modeling. There's a lot at stake and it's clearly isn't meant for everyone.

Although I've never been a woman, I know from the lovely women in my life that they are constantly pre-judged and either accepted or rejected solely based on their appearance. The scrutiny that models deal with is that times TEN (maybe a hunnid). With that said, premier video model Melyssa Ford has took some very edgy and creative photos with celebrity photographer Derek Blanks and the outcome was extraordinary. Here's what Ms. Ford had to say after the photoshoot.

Thick Skin vs Thin Skin

There are two “fixed givens” I know to be true right now: One is that you need “thick skin” to deal with the entertainment business. Two, is that Derek Blanks is the hottest photographer right now and his “Alter Ego” series is THE thing to do. Celebrities are clamoring for Derek to photograph them and the “other version of themselves”. His vision is uncompromised, his talent is undeniable and I’m grateful that we finally crossed paths.

The photos that you see are the culmination of our constant communication and the implementation of my vision. The conception of this photo came to me one day while hiking and Derek Blanks and Saisha Beecham, my makeup artist/body painter more than made it a reality, which their unimaginable talent and creative execution.All of us know what it feels like to have to “turn the other cheek” or “be the bigger person” or “turn a blind eye and ear to their critics and the nay-sayers”… I OVER-stand this concept, hence my visual interpretation of the reality: that we all hurt and are not immune to the pain caused by harsh judgment.

Love, Melyssa

Here are some photos:

Great job on Melyssa's, Blanks, and make up artist/body painter Saisha Beecham whom I've had the pleasure of working with during my "VIXENS" shoot with the homie Fabiola.

Oh yeah...Shout out to the homie Challedon "Shy" Saltor who's also celebrating a birthday today!!