Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Being Saved DOESN'T Make You A GOOD Person!!


**WARNING: This Blog may contain extreme realistic depictions and scenarios that may offend sensitive, close-minded, simple muthafuckas who don't understand the concept of looking OUTSIDE the box. Proceed at your own risk.**

I think the title of this post speaks volumes by itself, but let me fill you in on some background behind it.

It's Sunday.

What some may consider the Sabbath or a holy day.

I'm with someone who I would call a friend of mine (read: ex-girlfriend) and we're having a discussion about her computer which isn't working right. I'm enjoying my breakfast which I refer to as a "Biggie Special" - you know, a "T-bone steak, cheese eggs, and Welch's grape" - except minus the Welch's grape juice. She skipped church this particular Sunday but is getting a good dosage of the Word by reading the bible and listening to gospel hymns via Direct TV's XM Gospel station.

Anyhow, she makes a comment about me taking her computer to BestBuy to get it looked at. I throw a look at her that screams, "Who? Me? It's Your Damn Computer...what the fuck are YOU doing that's prohibits you from taking your own shyt to get repaired?" Keep in mind, that's what my look said, I didn't verbalize it. Long story short - she went off!! Screaming! Cussing!! Hollering!!! Even getting physical to the point where my plate of breakfast was brashly knocked from my hands and splattered across the wall and the carpet!!!!

Brown A-1 sauce + Tan Carpet = Not. A. Good. Look.

I left the room to avoid further nonsense. Actually, that's a fib. I was thrown out of the room.

Now, (ReeeWiiiiind!!) the whole time she was fussing and cussing, I couldn't help but notice the Holy Bible laying right there in front of her. It was kinda funny because as she cussed like an angry, irate sailor, I blocked out her words and my mind automatically transformed her syllables into the "Whauungh...Whauungh...Whauungh" language that Charlie Brown's teacher speaks in. Everything moved in slow motion as my eyes went from her screaming, mad-woman face to the Holy good book spread open in front of her. The scene just screamed of irony.

Being that my brain is constantly at work, it threw a concept into my head that I thought was interesting:

Why are some of the holiest people the evilest?

I mean when you think about all of the wars that have plagued the world since the beginning of time, the vast majority of them were because of, or in some way, based on religion. Either people are killing people because they are of a different faith or people killing people with attempts of spreading their faith or people of the SAME faith "sect-tripping" amongst themselves. **MENTAL NOTE TO SELF: I must copyright the phrase "sect-tripping"** Yet, most religious faiths have a "Thou Shalt Not Kill." clause somewhere in their doctrine. Ain't that bout a bytch!?!?!?


Do you know how much bloodshed has been a result of making Christianity and Islam the most "popular" religions on the planet?? From the Crusades, The French Wars of Religion in the 16th century, the Jihad groups of today and throughout history, the Thirty Years War, the Saxon Wars, etc., these "holy" muthafuckas did EVIL shyt!! Period.

And that evil still persists in 2008 in the hearts of men and women who feel as if they're "Holier Than Thou". Look around...you see them Every. Damn. Day. They're in the news. The priests who play with little boys' dicks...Photobucketthe pastors who prey on impressionable females in their congregation...the screwed up politicians who use religion as a basis of their sick, inhumane policies all for the benefit of financial gains...they're ALL OVER THE PLACE!!

Here's a few attributes that these "holier than thou" folks seem to always possess. See if you know people like this...


1.) They always pass judgement on others.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't GOD the only one who should judge people. These folks swear that they are God.

2.) They throw their religion in your face as a badge of honor like they're better than you. I always hear of folks talking about how they go to church EVERY Sunday and whatnot. This does NOT, in no way, make up for being an outright sinner or someone with just a negative vibe throughout the remainder of the week. Apparently, you're not practicing what you're picking up in church so you might as well just skip it all together.



That's right...I forgot. You gotta still go to gossip and show off your latest church clothes...

Going to church "religiously" every week, doesn't make you look better in the eyes of the Lord if you're behaving devilish the remainder of the week.

3.) They're Close-Minded.

I can't stress this enough. There comes a time when the most devout of Christians should just accept the fact that there are other religions out there. None is better than the next. Nope, not even yours. It's a matter of preference and what's in your heart.


I interrupt this blog for a brief public service announcement.


***P.S.A.: I encourage all to not blindly accept what you are told or force fed and to actually do some research to find out why you believe what you believe.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by my2cents-sense.blogspot.com. Thank you.

Back to the matter at hand...

In no way, shape, or form am I advocating that all people who are heavily into their religion evil. Nor am I saying that anything is wrong with informing others of your faith and practices.

I guess the bottom line is simple.

Stop With The Damn Hypocracy!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New World Order is in FULL E.F.F.E.C.T.!!

Damn!! Check This Out!!

I really don't know what to think of this. I've heard bits and pieces of the information brought forth before, but this is VERY interesting.

No wonder why T.I. had all those guns...maybe he knew something we didn't know...lol.

Ok, that was a sad attempt at humor but I think we all need to enlighten ourselves on what's going on in the world around us...For Real!!

Thanks to Illseed of AllHipHop.com for posting that.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Growing Old...

Aye y'all,

I'm thirty-one and it feels GOOD!!

Photobucket Photobucket

I was taking a stroll down memory lane, looking at old photographs and video footage, and it occurred to me that there are some things that I just plain and simple can not do. Overall, I think it's a great thing when people can age, become wiser, and yet still keep a youthful, fresh demeanor and physical appearance about themselves. However, it's extraordinarily lame when old folks try too hard to ACT young.

For example, if you're a male above 23 years of age, you should NOT wear a do-rag on your head in public like it's part of your outfit. That's not the hotness and it's incredibly lame. Also, if you're a teenage male or older with braids or cornrows, there is NO logical reason, whatsoever, to wear beads, barretts, rubberbands, or anything else in your hair that little girls wear in theirs. Time to grow the fuck up.


Also, if you're a female that's in your thirties (or close to it), you're too damn old to leave your house in nothing but your pajamas and hair rollers. There's NO excuse for that. Throw on some sweats and a cap or somethin'.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming to be the most sophisticated and mature apple in the bunch, but I have realized that once you hit your 30's, you shouldn't carry yourself like you're in your teens. With that being said, I've concocted a small checklist for you guys to do a little self-evaluation as you come into age.

Oh yeah...feel free to add on to the list if you like...



Photobucket Photobucket

Actually, I think sagging is pretty corny at any age, but if you're "grown", it's super ridiculous. Nothing's wrong with baggy pants that hang off your hips a little bit, but when muthafuckas can see your damn boxers, that's too fuckin' much!! The shyt's not cool.



C'mon now, why is it so many "hardcore, street" niggas wearing fuckin' shiny shyt on their clothes. You shouldn't be rockin' the same type of gear that your kid sister and her crew is rockin'. It's impossible to keep up your fake gangsta persona when you have Tucan Sam and Fruit Loops on your damn jacket - trimmed with glitter and shyt homeboy. Photobucket

Just cut that shyt out. Speaking of that...




"We don't believe you, you need more people..." - Jay-Z



As y'all know, Souljah Boy had a smash hit last year with his "Crank Dat" and the accompaning dance. It caught on like wild fire, became a youtube craze, celebrities started doing it on national television, and the rest is history. I can't knock the lil' dude's song cause hell, I grew up doing the "Pee-Wee Herman" and the "Humpty Dance" *smile* However, unless you get paid to dance, there's no reason for grown folks to be practicing in front of a mirror rehearsing and high-fiving each other when they've got their routine down. Imagine two old niggas talkin' bout, "Man, they gon' love us at the club when they see us doing this shyt!"...LOL!!

This goes for male and females.

Now, the ONLY exceptions to this rule is if you're at a wedding reception and they throw on some shyt like the "Electric Slide", "Cha Cha Slide", "The Hustle", or any of those other old, corny, community-based dance tunes. I'm not a fan of these dances and I sit back and laugh at the folks that do it most of the time, but society has embraced these jigs, so they are acceptable (I guess)...but only at wedding receptions, family reunions, and things of that nature.




People, once you hit a certain age, you need to definitely stop ALWAYS living in the day and look ahead to the future. Granted, many of us live check-to-check but I guarantee you, if you cut out some frivilous spending, you'll have SOMETHING to stash away for a rainy day. Whether it's in a bank or a brown paper bag, Stack Your Chips!!




Even if your job doesn't consist of you getting dressed up, you never know when the circumstance may pop up for which you need to dress in something more formal than jeans and a t-shirt. And ladies, you definitely should not break out your hoochie clothes when going to that job interview, funeral, or church...for cryin' out loud!!




Now before you get your panties in a bunch, let me explain. There is a CLEAR difference between BUMPING your music and just playing it loud. If you're in your ride and your jam comes on, by all means, Turn. That. Shyt. Up!! BUT, if your speakers reach a decimal in which legally you would need a festival or concert permit to play Pac's "Ambitions Of A Ridah", your old ass needs to turn that shyt down. If you're at a stop light and you're entrapping everybody's on the block eardrums to listen to what you're listening too, you're too old to be doing that ignorant shyt. I don't care if you're bumping Jill Scott or Funkadelic or Incognito, you shouldn't be in your thirties and BUMPING your music with no regard to others around you.

Now, that's just a few but they're plenty more out there.

What do you think????

Oh yeah...I'll leave you with a Classic Song and Video that's funny and cool...all at the same time...

Joeski Love "Pee Wee Dance"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

B.E.T. On That!!

Black Entertainment Television.


To some, a place where people go for some of the hottest music videos Hip Hop and R&B has to offer. To others, an shytty network that promotes buffoonery, coonery, and 'nigga'isms (yes, I JUST made that one up). I, for one, am not going to pass judgement on the network based on the state of our music or their programming without looking at a much bigger picture.Over the past several years, I have encountered many people who have a very dismal outlook on B.E.T..

The absence of the news programming that once existed, the redundant imagery in music videos, ghetto-production quality, etc., etc., are all things that B.E.T. has been accredited of.I will say that personally, I feel the network has lost some of its luster it once possessed during its earlier years. I miss Donnie Simpson (What Up Detroit!!), Madelyn Woods, Sherri Carter, Lisa Johnson (Teen Summit was the BOMB!!), and even Chris Thomas (the Mayor of Rap City).

**SIDENOTE: Why in the hell was comedian Chris Thomas the "Mayor" of Rap City?? What were his qualifications?? He appeared in Public Enemy's "Night Of The Living Baseheads" video - which is the GREATEST video of ALL time - but other than that, what made him the mayor???? I. Not. Know. END SIDENOTE**

Anyway, yes, I think Tavis Smiley should've never got booted from the network, but for the most part Black Entertainment Television is NO different than any other television network. And it's foul, to me, how people consistently dog out B.E.T. when damn near every other network is guilty of doing the SAME OL' SHYT.

C'mon now, why all the hate on B.E.T.?? It's funny to me how people will say that they don't watch B.E.T., YET, they are extremely opinionated about the cable network.

For 1.) If you DON'T like it, DON'T watch it!! Period. Case Closed. 2.) If you don't watch it, how in the hell do you have an opinion on it?? It makes no sense for you to watch "Rap City", "106 & Park", "Hell Date", and whatever movie or special they air that night and then complain about it. Fuck Outta Here!! If it turns you off, then turn IT off. 3.) I hear a lot of folks also complain about their programming not being original. This is a lame ass excuse to solely diss B.E.T. because with the exception of FX, maybe the Spike network, and the premium channels, EVERYBODY else's programming is NOT original either.


So why single out B.E.T.?? Instead of pointing the finger at Debra Lee and 'em, you really should also question all the other networks out there as well. But noooooo...they rarely are held responsible for the bullshyt that they air. Man, people kill me...

For real y'all...this is like Black On Black crime. I'm not saying that you should support a network that you disdain, I'm just asking that you really look inside yourself and figure out exactly WHY you're hating on B.E.T. and letting the other networks out there slide.By the way, I'm typing this after just watching B.E.T.'s special on Barack Obama which was followed by their special on the genocide that's taking place in Darfur. I'm yet to see another network even acknowledge what's going on in Darfur (even some news outlets) and this is coming from a network who is really just about "entertainment".

Oh yeah, and the "American Gangster" series is the SHYT!!