Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi, Mr. O'Reilly!!

"Respected highly, hi Mr. O'Reilly / Hope all is well, kiss the plaintiff and the wifey"
- Ludacris "Number One Spot"

These sly lyrics were penned by Luda as somewhat of a backhanded shout out to the ultra conservative talk show host after he faced sexual harrassment charges from one of his show's producers. He settled out. For millions.

The top-rated cable news host has said he was humiliated by the suit, which charged that he spoke to Mackris about sexual fantasies, masturbation and vibrators while sometimes seeming to pleasure himself. But for O'Reilly to strike a settlement without an expression of regret, which is often demanded in litigation against high-profile figures, is a partial victory that spares him further embarrassment.

Morelli did not respond to requests for comment last night.

Describing himself as an "object of media scorn," O'Reilly told viewers: "On a personal note, this matter has caused enormous pain, but I had to protect my family and I did. Some of the media hammered me relentlessly because, as you know, I am a huge target, as is Fox News. . . .

Washington Post

Karma's a muthafugga, ain't it? As some of you know, O'Reilly spearheaded a slanderous campaign against Ludacris' lyrics resulting in him losing a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi Cola.

Well, ol' Bill is at it again.

After a celebratory performance in honor of Barack Obama, Bill has lashed out at Young Jeezy and Jay-Z.

Now really, just in that brief clip, O'Reilly and Miller goes on to talk about a slew of things that has NOTHING to do with anything and it causes me to question what's his REAL motive. Jeezy thanked the journalist who threw shoes at Bush and the movers that moved Bush's stuff out of the White House. Jay-Z basically said he's tired of "Bush". Dennis Miller goes on to talk about hoes (apparently he's talking about how the word is used in hip hop music), the single-parent rate in the Black community, and even stoops to name-calling. Keep in mind, Jeezy nor Jay said nothing about hoes or having sex. Maybe he misconstrued or didn't catch Jay's wordplay on the "I don't want no more Bush" line. It's obvious that the underlined theme is being overjoyed that George W. is no longer the President of the United States and Barack Obama is. Anyway...Right after this, O'Reilly agrees with Miller and talks about the civility level of the artists.

Are you serious? After all the immature name-calling that he does on his show (pin-head), is he really going there with it?? Both of these dudes' obnoxious, insidious, close-minded personalities are on public display everyday on his cable and radio show. Is that what makes for good role models?

I'm just asking...

Now don't get me wrong. Sometimes I watch The Factor and O'Reilly and Miller make some valid points. The thing is, you have to listen REAL hard and not get distracted with the playground bickering and hollering that these grown folks do...on front of an audience of millions...on a nightly basis.

All I'm saying is, Bill, be careful of who you throw under the bus. Although Jay-Z and Young Jeezy might not pose any threat to you, there's a shift in power coming. Cease with the playground tactics and stop throwing stones buddy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

16 Randoms a.k.a. What You Know About That?!

The homie qb tagged me a while back and since I just posted this on another site, I decided to post it on here also.

Ok, so I was tagged to make a "Random Things You Don't Know About Me" List. You've seen these before - the rules are you make the list and tag your other friends and they make their lists and tag mo' people, mo' people make their lists and tag even mo' people, even mo' people make their lists...well, you get the Well rules are made to be broken so I ain't taggin' no one. If you read this and decide you want to make a list feel free to let me know though...hahaaa...

Now that that's out the way, let's get to it.

Aight, these are about to be VERY random.

1. I was born in Henry Ford Hospital, took driver's training at Henry Ford High School, have owned cars from the Chrylser and GMC (and foreign) families, but have never owned a Ford.

2. My favorite rapper is white and my favorite author is Black.

3. Oh yeah, I'm my own favorite author.

***EDIT: I don't think I'm a better writer, per say, than others, I just enjoy writing and I love going back weeks, months, years later and reading what I wrote. Besides, how can I be a better writer when I'm clearly in my OWN category??Duh...***

4. I was born on November 16th and approximately nine months before that is February 14th so I have a suspicion that I was conceived on Valentines Day. When I asked my mother about the possibility, she said she couldn't say for sure, but said they used to have some GOOD times on Valentines day. Thanks mom for making me throw up a bit in my mouth.

***EDIT: Since we're on the topic of birthdays and Valentines Day, I thought I'll throw this out there. My sister's Born Day is February 14th also which is of course Valentines Day. AND, she's due to have her first child, my first nephew, on or around that day this year. Cool.***

5. I learned a whole lot from listening to Gangsta Rap when I was younger. It's really more conscious than people give it credit's all about what you take from it. Also, it was more genuine and less politically-correct (read: real) back then and not watered down with artists who ONLY concern is to sell records (oops...I mean C.D.'s...or mp3 downloads) and ringtones by compromising their integrity.

6. A primary reason why I voted for Barack Obama WAS because he's Black. Yeah, I said it. Of course he's the BEST person for the job, but beyond the issues, I felt the larger impact it would have on a global scale for the U.S. to elect a Black dude was serving US and the world a greater purpose. I liked Hillary's healthcare plan better actually.

7. "Different World", "School Daze", and Freak-Nik '94 (I was a senior in high school) ALL played a part in my decision to attend Clark Atlanta University.

Oh yeah, the Communications Dept. too.

8. My moms and pops (I only have one of each but I tend to throw "s"'s on it) were both born on March 4th. Pops is exactly one year older than my moms.

***EDIT: There goes that birthday thing again...***

9. My pops recently told me that when moms was pregnant with me, he wanted to have me aborted. I think this would have bothered some people to know this information, but it didn't affect me none.

10. I love rollercoasters. There isn't a one that I wouldn't get on. I also get a kick out of teasing people who are scared before, during, and after the!!

11. I've never owned a pair of Jordans and probably never will. I don't think they're all that fly and something that trendy is definitely not worth the money in my opinion.

12. I love spending time with me better than anyone else. Hangin' with friends, family, or a loved one is always cool, but I NEEDS my "me time". I've always said that if I decide to get married, I would have to have a room or area of the house just for myself. If my wife doesn't like it, she could leave. LOL!!

13. I want to go to Africa. I know that sounds a bit like Nas in "Belly", but I'd like to travel the continent. It has absolutely nothing to do with tracing my roots or going back to the Motherland or any other corny shyt you hear Black folks say...I just wanna go. Traveling Europe and Asia are also on the list, but not as high as Africa.

14. I love going on jet boats, jet skiing, parasailing, and getting in the pool, but I can't swim if my life depended on it.

15. My favorite type of food is seafood with pizza coming in a close second. I do think the idea of seafood on a pizza is the most disgusting thing ever though. **SIDENOTE: I think it's kinda funny that I love pizza sauce, marinara sauce or whatever you wanna call it...but I HATE tomatoes. And yes, I just checked to see if I spelled the plural version of tomato correctly. END SIDENOTE** lol!!

16. To piggy-back off my sidenote, I like looking up shyt and learning stuff I didn't know before. If someone uses a word in which I don't know the meaning of, I won't hesitate to ask them or go to and look it up myself. I also google shyt at least three times a day to find out more information. Knowledge Is Power


17. I don't think I like being tagged for shyt like But I'll chalk it up anyway :-)