Saturday, May 10, 2008


Me and my homie Link is going back and forth about the Greatest Videos Of All Time...

He bring up "Straight Outta Compton"...I bring up "Always Into Something" - both by the "World's Most Dangerous Group" - N.W.A..

We went on until the wee hours of the morning with this. I'm very passionate about my videos and so is he - with that being said, I have a trillion of videos that would deserve this spot a Greatest Video Of All Time. My homie Link felt that "Fight The Power" should be up there. I digressed because P.E. is relevant on this elite list already. Yes, it's a great video but it just don't make my list.

One video that we could agree on was this joint right here by Ice-Cube. Directed by F. Gary Gray (one of the best in my opinion).

Here's "Today Was A Good Good Day".

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hip Hop Quotable: A Re-Visit


One of my homies posted this interview with Killer Mike on his blog the other day. I watched the video and concluded that this is some of the REALEST words ever delivered by a Hip Hop artist. I'm no stranger to Mike as I've read his interviews before. I've even ran into him upon occasion at video shoots and what not. Anyway, I've been a supporter/fan for a minute. His point of view on a lot of things coincide with mine and that may be the reason why I gravitate to his music. Kinda like how Kanye's music really meant SO much more on the first album as oppose to the third. Not knocking Mr. West, but the relatability (if that's a word) just isn't as present.

Anyway, here's the video I referenced followed by a blog I wrote on my Myspace page from September 5, 2006. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hip Hop Quotable
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I came across this song while perusing through the pages of MySpace. The song is called "That's Life" by Killer Mike. If you haven't heard it, you are TRULY missing out on something special. The song is VERY thought-provoking while at the same time backs up many beliefs that some of us have had for a LONG time now.

Just beware, he takes jabs at some of our so-called heros but I feel that it's TOTALLY justified. Here are some excerpts from the lyrics:

"They say I dissed Oprah, I'm like "So What!" / I'll never get to jump up and down on a sofa / Now watch me as I Cruise like Tom through the slum / Where the education's poor and the children's going dumb / In the section of the city where siddities don't come / Where Mr. Cosby and Ms. Winfrey won't come / Unless it's a hurricane and FEMA don't come / Comin' live from the city where the dreamer came from..."

It does make me think, Oprah has a whole lot of cheese and by right, she can do whatever she feels with it. Hell, she EARNED it. However, I would like to understand the mindframe of the individual that can send a LOT of money and support overseas to Africa and other places while her own backyard (Chicago) is in shambles. Bill Cosby has been making some very pertinent speeches in public forums about the state of Black folks, but when was the last time he was amongst the people he's referring to??...Sat down and talked to them like human beings, had dinner with them, gave them something other than rhetoric that seems to always fall on deaf ears and the people who NEEDS to hear it, never does.

Here's another excerpt from "That's Life":

"Call me a dumb rapper, girl stop, pardon me / You'll be hard pressed to find another rapper smart as me / Maybe Jay-Z, 2Pac, or C-U-B-E / But Oprah rather put Superhead on TV / Now what your white audience gonna think about we? / The SAME white audience that watch Bill O'Reilly / I saw the smirk on they face when you came at Luda / Them SAME nice ladies that forgave Marth Stewart / So I can be a crook, take money off the books / Just as long as I'm liked by a rich man's wife???"

This is pretty much self-explanatory. For those not in the light, when Ludacris was a part of the cast of "Crash", she condemned him for the vulgarness of his lyrics and the show was pretty much edited not to include him. Mind you, he was there with his fellow ACTORS and ACTRESSES to talk about what ended up being the "Movie Of The Year"...Not his rap lyrics. He wasn't there with DTP or anyone else associated with his music. He was there as Chris Bridges. Why attack his lyrics?? Once again, I just DON'T understand.

At the SAME time though, Oprah put Karrine "Super Head" Stephens on her show to talk about her book and her numerous affairs with rappers and others in the Hip Hop community. WTF!?! We ALL know how powerful Oprah is when it comes to her influence on her demographic. Out of ALL the other young, positive, black women out there with stories and books just as compelling, you give HER the spotlight!! WoW!! How do you think THEY are gonna look at us now? Who's side are you on anyway??

Here's another excerpt...

"The comment Kanye made was damn near right / But Bush Hate Poor People be it Black or White / Hell yeah, I said it, cause Oprah won't say it / And Bill won't say it..and they STILL won't say it / If you really bout intelligence, you really know I'm right / If you lookin' for some leadership, look for Killer Mike"

I'm not saying that Killer Mike is the next-coming of MLK although, as he points out in the song, he's "Comin' live from the same city where the Dreamer came from / Standin' on the same corners that he stood upon". I just think we should re-evaluate who we cal our leaders. Shouldn't the leaders be in the community (not neccessarily saying 'Live There'), trying to help the people as oppose to being behind a podium chastising folks???? Shouldn't they be there at OTHER times, NOT just when it's a tragedy????

I encourage ALL to please check out this song and the others on the page. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED...THAT'S A PROMISE!!

Special Shout to the homie Grind Time Misses at:

That is all.

For Now....


What's ironic to me NOW is that Oprah and other popular news outlets have been pawns to Barbara Walters promoting her memoirs (book that tells of the unethical behavior patterns), but hip hop artists are CONSTANTLY being held to the fire.

I applaud Ms. Walters for coming out about fucking a married senator. Kudos to her. But where is the media backlash??

That's right, they're too busy attacking rap artists. Most of the rap artists that the media attack nowadays will be OUTTA HERE in 3-5 years. That's just being real. However, a media legion, icon, ground-breaking entity as Barbara Walters will NEVER be repremanded or even asked to apologize for what she's done.

Double standard?

I say, "Hell Yes!!"

What's Your Thoughts??

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Mother's Day My Ass!! part TWO

By no means am I blaming this all on the girl's mother, but this is CRAZY!! And before media outlets or the nigga-net or the billionaire lady that's on the cover of every issue of her magazine, or the guy that invented "Fat Albert", or the Rev. that had children out of wed-lock, but is quick to judge others, or the ambulance chaser with the perm blame this incident on Soulja Boy...we must ask, "Where The Fuck Are Her Parents!?!?!?!?"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Mother's Day My Ass!!


Don't get it twisted. I have the GREATEST mom in the world. And I mean that.

If there was a contest in which mothers across the globe competed in things like Nurturing, Culinary Skills, Child Reering, Guidance and Mentoring, Talent, Beauty, and Satisfying Her Husband...

Photobucket Photobucket
(Look at her beauty, her wonderful husband, and those kitchen skills!! Not to mention her talent!!)

*in my taunting school yard voice*

My Mom Is Better Than Your Mom!!

*gives you the finger and walks away*

However, there isn't a contest of such so consider yourself lucky cause my mom's would've won that joint for the past 31 years...Hands Down!!
Instead of having a great competition that would encourage the Strength, Resiliency, and Foresight amongst moms in America, we have this asinine, meaningless, Hallmark-invented holiday known as Mother's Day. This is the day where everyone with a mom (or motherly figure) is suppose to acknowledge the great "mothers" in their life. Dead-beat moms, Irresponsible Baby Mamas, and Young ass Baby Mamas' Mamas (also known as 40-year-old 'GRAND mamas') partake in this glorious day and bask in the glow of receiving cards, flowers, gifts, praise, and everything under the sun on this fiscal holiday. They kick back on this day, get taken out to dinner, and are told by everyone (including strangers) "Happy Mother's Day!"

Let's be real...

Half of these chicks aren't even REAL mothers. Yes, they bore a child, or two, or three, or four, or ELEVEN, but if they're all by different fathers, are you REALLY a good mother??

There was a story recently here in Atlanta in which a mother went to school with her daughter and whooped the teacher's ass over a grade dispute in front of the rest of the class. What kind of example is that?? Or what about this seven-year-old who stole his grandma's car and took it on a joy ride? Where was mom??

You got mothers out there who don't even know who the father of their child really is. They just played "Eenie-Meeney-Miney-Pick-A-Nigga" and pinned the fatherhood on whatever dummy who believed he was the "only one" or the one they feel is most fit to be a dad. Does that broad deserves a "Mother's Day"??

We live in a day and age where celebrity mothers pimp out their kids to the magazine who pays the most for exclusive baby pictures of their newborns, career-absorbed mothers are too busy with their work load to even learn who their child's friends and their parents are, and some mothers are just cranking out kids to remain on government assistance. And Hallmark tells me these bytches deserve a fuggin' greeting card??

Shiiiiiddddd...Happy Mother's Day My Ass!!

Now, if you're like me (and you very well may be with the exception that your mom ain't as good as mine), you don't need a day set aside to appreciate all the wonders that your mother has provided you. If you're like me, it may be a Tuesday or a Saturday when you think of that special interaction, conversation, or moment between you and your mom that puts that warm feeling in your heart - not just a Sunday in May. If you're like me, all the flowers, cards, trinkets, jewlery, gifts, spa treatments, clothing, shoes, dinners, WHATEVER could not place a value on the Love, Life, and Lessons you receive from your mother.

Thanks Hallmark for creating Mother's Day and all the other senseless holidays you've created for economical gains at the expense of simple-minded individuals who can't seem to express their genuine feelings without breaking bread at the local mall or restaurant. But I'll pass. Give that purposeless balloon, card, and plant to one of the dead-beat moms out there.

Mine deserves more than that.

Everyday is Mother's Day Mom,
Love Ya!!

Special shout out to all the single and married mothers who have stepped up to the plate and handled their responsibility accordingly in what is arguably the hardest job of them all.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Let's Call A Spade A Spade!!


This past weekend, Louisville Kentucky played host to what is a staple in American culture - the Kentucky Derby. Crowned as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports",this year's event boasted the second-highest attendance in its 133 years of existence. Entertainers and other affluent Americans came out in droves to witness the racing of these well-trained, polished, three-year old horses. Oh yeah, and they placed their BETS!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

(Pictured Above: Gabrielle Union and Essence Atkins, Kid Rock and some blonde, and 'fallen' Star Jones at the '08 Kentucky Derby)

Existing longer than basketball, and American football as we know it played today, horse racing (AND GAMBLING ON THEM) is as American as apple pie.

This year's race was a thrilling one in which Big Brown "won the roses" followed by Eight Belles, who took second place honors. Unfortunately, Eight Belles broke her ankles directly following the race And was KILLED (they call it "euthanized") right on the track in front of 157,770 spectators.

After the race, the vet basically explains that the injury is painful thus, the only option is to KILL THE HORSE. Reading in between the lines, I think that what they're really trying to say is that this horse won't be able to compete, therefore, there's no value on the horse's life so we KILLED IT. C'mon, who's gonna bet on a horse that has a history of two broken ankles????

I'm not into horse racing or anything like that, but I can't help but to see similarities in what happened here and what happened in the case of former Falcons quarterback Mike Vick.

(I know that's not the most personable photo of Vick, but Damnit, I like it!!)
Lets see:

*Vick and his associates fought dogs that were bred to be vicious similar to how horse owners breed and train their three-year-old horses to race and compete against others.

*Gambling is usually involved in both of these activities.

*They're both done for the mere entertainment of humans who clearly have nothing better to do.

*When one of the animals is deemed non-profitable or performs badly, they are killed (or whatever the nice way of saying it is).

Animals are euthanized EVERY DAMN DAY to take them "out of their misery". I'm quite sure the bestial, vicious, yet poorly-performing dogs that Vick played apart in killing were in terrible shape and a great deal of pain after they competed. So, in essence, they were taken out of their misery.

The problem with Vick is that dog fighting is illegal in the U.S. NOW. It used to be perfectly legal back in the day (it is legal in Japan, Latin America, Russia, and other parts of the world by the way). If you really delve deeper though, one would realize that vicious dogs, or attack dogs, are more so popular amongst the lower class communities in the U.S.. Because of its underground nature, my theory is that the United States is unable to collect taxes and effectively make capitol on dog fighting which is why it's a felony on the law books.

I know some of you may be still thinking that comparing dog fighting and horse racing is like apples and oranges. Dog fighting is inhumane, barbaric, savage, and violent. I agree, but so is BOXING...and because it's such BIG BUSINESS, it's not only acceptable, but it's promoted, taught in schools, has its own category in the Olympics, the participants are idolized, AND they get a big ass purse at the end of the match...sometimes whether they win or lose.


I know there's a great deal of skill in boxing that separates the Iron Mikes, Ali's, and Mayweathers out there from the rest of them, but you're lying to yourself if you don't believe that boxing is a barbaric sport in which people have suffered serious brain damage, severe physical ailments, and even DEATH.

(Pictured Above: Korean Boxer Duk Koo Kim, KILLED by Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini in the ring as many watched on.)

The difference is there's BILLIONS of dollars in the boxing industry. Just ask HBO, Showtime, the Pay-per-view folks, Don King, or residents of Las Vegas.

The money in dog fighting = Not. As. Much.

Let's call a spade a spade and just say that the double standards are all over the place. Bottom line is, a horse that broke her ankles was KILLED and it's ok. Black man plays apart in killing some dogs, toss him in a federal penitentiary and take away his livelihood.

Is that justice?