Friday, February 12, 2010

Man Up Obama!

First, I understand how politics work. I really do.

Secondly, what America needs right now is NOT a politician. We need a dude, let's call him a "REAL MAN", that's gonna stand behind his conviction and MAKE shyt happen.

Not one who's gonna turn the other cheek when a overly-emotional, possible racist SENATOR calls him a "LIAR" in front of EVERYONE and no repercussion takes place.

Not one who's gonna have a beer summit with a possible racist cop and Black man law abiding citizen to discuss what went wrong with no progress or point.

There comes a time when you gotta stop playing both sides of the fence when others obviously aren't. I don't know...*scratching my head pondering*...STAND for something. He has it in him (I think). I'm a fan of most of Obama's ideas and that's why I support him. But the GOP will continue to treat him like a "lil' nigga" unless he man up. Trust me. They don't have to like you, but they'll respect you more. Put your foot down and exercise the power that your constituents invested in you. Be a MAN and stop being a bytch.

Sorry I couldn't put it as eloquent as Roland Martin put it. **Please Click Roland Martin's name**

Gee, I've been sayin' this for some time now. Thanks Roland.

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