Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm Not Voting For Obama because...

of the soundbites the media have taken out of context and perpetuated about what Rev Wright said...

*in Dave Chappelle's voice*

"SIKE!! Hahahaha!! Gotchu bitches!!!!"

I do support Obama's candidacy because of the issues AND because of what my homie says.

Anyhow...I'm not gonna get too political on this blog because that's not my intentions. In my eyes, it is what it is and I hope the bias coverage that has started to seep in doesn't influence those with strong convictions.

In the words of JJFad, "That's It..."

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Two Pennies: "I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T." from AUC Magazine Mar. 2008


Here's the unedited text:

"I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. - Do You Know What That Mean, Mane?"

By now, I know you all have heard (and is probably tired of) Webbie's catchy jingle, "I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T." and it's accompanying video that concludes with a Black woman becoming President of the United States and putting an end to all of the world's major problems. Far-fetched? Very. Good message? No doubt! I find the song very refreshing amongst other tunes that pollute the airwaves these days.

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed numerous other tunes that have become "Women's Anthems" in Hip Hop as well as other genres of music. I think this is fantastic. However, in my opinion, the true meaning and message in these songs usually goes over the heads of the general public and is misconstrued. For some reason, the phrase "independent woman" has erroneously transformed into "I Don't Need A Man." I'm sorry ladies, but that's bullshyt!!

A lot of women wear the badge of "independent woman" with pride when in actuality, they ONLY claim that title by default. Let's face it, men sometimes drop the ball in relationships, thus FORCING the female to be independent and provide for themselves and their children. They have no choice. Trust me, if you had a good man who held up his end of the bargain, you would not be beating your chest bragging about your independent status. Basically, you made a poor decision in choosing a man and put yourself in that predicament.

On another hand, you have women who are educated, financially stable, and can honestly do for themselves who throw around that title. Whoopity Do. You want a cookie? You're SUPPOSE to be able to provide for yourself if you're grown - be it man or woman. I liken that ideology to men who want "brownie points" for raising their damn kids. You don't get extra credit for these things people.

But getting back to the music...

My brother recently asked me if I felt like Beyonce was contradictory in making a song like "Bills Bills Bills", which most considered an ode to golddiggers, and then turn around and make ditties such as "Independent Woman" and "Upgrade You". I explained to him that the lyrics are not conflicting because "Bills Bills Bills" is not about a girl who's just looking for a man to pay her bills. If you listen, you'll discover it's about a female who's tired of her man running up her bills (phone bill, gas bill, car note, etc.) and not putting in. Therefore, the lyrics coincide with those of the other tunes I mentioned. Most women took the song the same way my brother did though and interpreted as a man needs to pay the woman's bill. Not true.

I remember around this time last year, damn near every chick with a myspace page had "Upgrade You" as their profile song or quote. However, many ladies are incapable of upgrading shyt. Flossing their sassy ass attitude, they missed the key elements of which Ms. Knowles was saying. Let's take a look...

Beyonce: "Taking care of home and still fly / That's a good look / I can help you build up your account / That's a good look..."

Translation: Real women take care of their home (read: their man and children).

Beyonce: "Anything you cop, I'll split the bill."

Translation: None needed...that's self-explanatory.

Beyonce: "It's very seldom that you're blessed to find your equal / Still play my part and let you take the lead role / Believe me, I'll follow, this could be easy / I'll be your help whenever you need me / I see you hustle, with my hustle, I can keep you / focused on your focus, I can feed you"

Meaning: In one verse, Ms. Knowles basically explains how relationships SHOULD work and how they can work. Everybody should just play their role.

The bottom line is, with the "I don't need a man" attitude, our families will continue its downward spiral in the era of baby daddies/mamas and poor child-rearing practices. Being able to provide for yourself should be the norm, not a title that's used to exhibit cockiness and vanity. Ladies, just remember that independent means SELF-contained, SELF-governing, SELF-sufficient, and SELF-supporting. But when taken overboard, you'll only find yourSELF by YOURSELF.

my two pennies...

My Two Pennies: "Death Of The Video Hoe" from AUC Magazine Feb. 2008


This is from the AUC Magazine. I write a column in there and I encourage you all to check it out. It's available at selected college campuses across the country or you can go to for more info.

Anyway, I know the words in this picture are kinda small so here's the unedited text from yours truly...


Ok...I'm sick of this shyt!! As a music video director, I am utterly disgusted by the name-calling and double standards that society has put in place when it comes to ethnic models who appear in music videos. Why the hell are they labeled as "video hoes"?? To hear these grossly exaggerated generalizations is despicable especially when they're from a race of people who have been plagued with stereotypes for centuries.

Let me ask you a question: Did the young ladies of the Rutgers basketball team deserve to be called "hoes"? Let me answer that for you. NO!! So why is it that so many ignorant fucks out there pass judgment and place labels on these women knowing very little about their personal lives. These women are Sisters, Daughters, and Mothers-just because they're in music videos, why should that warrant the unjust labeling?

Advertisers adhere to the age-old adage that "sex sells" and models in videos are essentially selling the artist and the song. It's the same principle alcohol distributors, car manufacturers, and clothing companies have utilized since their conception. Even when the blond-haired, blue-eyed Barker beauties are parading around Rice-A-Roni, vacuum cleaners, and "new car"s on "The Price Is Right", those models are using their sexy appearance to sell the show. When the sexy ladies of the popular game show, "Deal Or No Deal", open those briefcases, their appearance is a part of the show's appeal. Those women are not called "game show hoes" so why are the women in urban clips called "video hoes".

I think it goes back to black people just hating themselves - forcing them to hate on others like them...but that's a different article in itself. I digress.

Many people who aren't in the industry doesn't realize that these women are on set (at work) for 14, maybe 16 hours a day. In addition, it takes a huge amount of courage and confidence to be in front of a camera while people are standing around watching you. The average person can NOT do it. Many of these women watch their diet and exercise regularly to keep their bodies in great shape and we KNOW that the average American does NOT have gym memberships and fast food consumption is the norm since everybody's always in a rush.

I'll even say instead of blasting these women, more folks should look at their positive attributes and emulate them. Especially the over-weight slobs that sit on their asses all day and watch music videos.

Just my two pennies...

Saturday, March 22, 2008


This joint speaks for itself.

No matter what people say about dude, they can never take away his status as the King of Pop. He revolutionalized (is that a word?) music videos time and time again with his classics.

This one in particular stands out to me because of its concept, special effects, and dance sequences - very ground-breaking at the time. Also, there plenty of familiar faces from Eddie Murphy, Iman, Magic, and even Fatima, famed TV/Radio personality/dancer/choreographer. She's SO HipHop to me....

Anyway, here's MJ's "Remember The Time".

It's still funny that the kiss looked SO staged and unreal though...LOL!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Dunn Dunn/Foolish" by Shawty Lo *OFFICIAL"

This is the video that y'all seen the messed up situations in my previous blog. Please don't blame the artists and rappers that give a realistic portrayal of life in these sides of town. Please direct your voice towards the City of Atlanta...

This video (as well as many others) serves as a reflection of what's going on in our communities. Before you pass judgement, please visit these places and talk to the folks who call this place "HOME".

Black Is The New Bitch



In reading that title, how does that make you feel? If you find it offensive and disturbing, this post is probably about YOUR sensitive ass.

In recent years, I have found that the bitch-ivity meter amongst the black community in America is at an all-time HIGH. Blacks are really acting like little bitches with their overly-sensitive, non-sensicle rants about any and everything. It seems like all a white person has to do is breathe on a black person wrong and y'all niggas get your panties in a bunch and cry racist QUICK. NEGRO PLEASE!! Get over yourselves.

Just last year during the Michael Richards (Kramer) and Don Imus fiascos, I really thought that racism had been erased and was magically restored by the way some of these niggas reacted. NEWSFLASH NIGGER: Racism has and ALWAYS will exist in the world. Why are you so surprised that these two white niggas made the statements they did???? Did you REALLY think that we had overcome and we are being looked at as equals in a system that has thrived off of our CONTINUED oppression for centuries???? Do you think that they're not many whites that use derrogatory terms with regards to us every day, whether there's malice behind it or not??


Moreso, why does everything warrant a march or a damn protest? I respect Sharpton and Jackson for their efforts over the years and I truly believe that they're sincere with a lot of the things they do, but just because a white person says something off-color about someone black doesn't mean that we should lynch them. I hear Chris Rock and all the nigga comedians use terms like "cracker", "trailor park trash", and slurs directed towards other racial groups yet I don't see those groups bitching up and protesting shows and movies with these entertainers in them.

***SIDENOTE: I'm sick and tired of black stand-up comics always coming on stage using the same tired line, "I see we got some white folks in the audience tonight...*insert lame ass joke about white people here*". Man that shyt is beyond played out. If you don't have anything funny and original to say about them, don't acknowledge them niggas at all. Please. END SIDENOTE***

By now, I know some of you have checked out the blog It's a carbon copy of the white site and basically it's satirical comedy that pokes fun at generalizations that exist among "educated" Blacks. The shyt is HILARIOUS!! If you haven't, you should check it out...

Anyway, after reading some of the comments that people were leaving, I was appalled at how many "educated" niggas Just. Don't. Get. It. The whole thing is meant to be a funny representation that "educated" blacks can relate to and get a quick laugh at - hence the whole satirical tone of the posts, but folks are leaving comments like the site is destoying the unity that exists amongst blacks or something (Can you hear the irony in my voice?).

It's a freakin' BLOG for crying out loud and bitch-ass black folks are acting like the author is the anti-christ just cause the humor (for the most part) is hitting a little too close to home. Again I say, NEGRO PLEASE.

I'm black and proud of it, but I hope y'all niggas learn to grow the fuck up and stop acting like little kids when someone calls you a name. Shiiiid...matter of fact, you're WORST than little kids cause at least most of them will either let the name-calling roll off of them or just call the person a name back instead bitching and crying about it. Invest that energy in something you have the power to actually change and not the petty bullshyt.

And remember, you're only a "nigger" if you answer to it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Like My Gangsta Rap GANGSTA!!


I LOVE gangsta rap.

I'm a fan.


I grew up on it and my affection for that particular realm of Hip Hop will always have a special, endearing place in my heart. The brashness is attractive and eye-catching...the straight-foward attitude is refreshing in a sea of lames who beat around the bush and look to make everything romantic and artsy...the unapologetic tone of the curse words are stimulating and it let's me know that gangsta rap means what it says. If I could, I'd give gangsta rap a long, passionate, whole-hearted hug...even though that would add to my non-gangsta...I'd do it anyway cause I love it so much.


I still remember my grade school years when my uncle would pick me up from my grandmother's house with my cousins in the pick up truck and we'll listen to the delightful tunes of ICE-T's "POWER" tape. My uncle had a very lacsodasical approach about the profanity. My cousins and I listened to tales of Drama, High Rollers, and Pushers just before we walked up into St. Mary's of Redford (Catholic) Grade School doors. Is that irony for your ass or what? Nope, I call it balance.

Anyway...whatever happened to real gangsta rap????

With all due respect, the cats that say they do it now, really don't DO it for me like the NWA's, Geto Boys, Spice 1's, DJ Quik's, and UGK's. The evidence is clearly seen as today's so-called "gangsta rappers" SEEK mass appeal.


I guess I just don't understand how soft the gangstas are these days. The nigga Eazy-E once rapped about reachin' back like a pimp and slappin' a hoe. Please listen to "Boyz N Da Hood" and you'll find Eazy also throwing "a right cross to knock his old ass out", referring to a young lady's father.

What happened to THESE type of lyrics??

AMG once rapped, "Open up your coach bag, bitch, so I can get paid" in the classic "Bitch Betta Have My Money".

"We don't just say no, we're too busy saying, "Yeeeaahh" / About drinking straight out the 8 bottle / Do I look like a muthafuckin' rolemodel / to a kid lookin' up to me / Life ain't nuthin' but bitches and money" - Ice Cube "Gangsta Gangsta"

C'mon...where is the gangsta shyt these days?? Niggas are too preoccupied with making it rain on them hoes. (Check my previous post: "TRICKS UP, PIMPS DOWN?") What the fuck!!

And when it comes to sex...

It's funny to me how in recent years people still continue to come down on rap lyrics. Maaannnnn, the shyt they doing nowadays holds NO WEIGHT compared to what my nigga Luke and 'em was doing.

"I thought I came in her mouth, but I was only peein'" -Brother Marquis of the 2 Live Crew

C'monnnn...niggas don't even have the balls to say some shyt like this in today's climate. Sheeesh!! And they wonder why they can't sell records.

I'mma go out on a limb and even say this: I love 2Pac's music, BUT I blame HIM for these pussy ass niggas frontin' like they're makin' gangsta music. Pac once said something to the effect that in order to sell records, you have to make records for the girls. The girls will buy it and the niggas will flock behind them. REALLY, that was the death of true GANGSTA Rap.

Cats are out there now just tryin' to sell records...therefore, they're catering to the female audience and trying to make that "club banger".

MC Eiht and Compton's Most Wanted didn't give a fuck about a club banger!! Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo didn't give a fuck about a club banger!! They left that shyt for Hammer, Kid 'N Play, Salt 'N Pepa, Rob Base, Young MC and 'em. No disrespect because I LOVE all of those acts but sometimes I just want to hear some raw Gangsta shyt.

Whatever happened to making people cross over to you???? NWA made that hardcore shyt and the white kids that bought records back then ATE. IT. UP. They didn't compromise their shyt trying to get that club single or trying to sell a bunch of ringtones. They just kept it funky. And it worked!!

For the sake of raw gangsta music, I hope more artists go back to their roots and tap into that rawness that made Hip Hop famous and infamous at the same time...

One of the NICEST (hardest) lyricists EVER: Kool G. Rap...

Here's Cube...

Eazy Muthafuckin' E...