Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poppin' Tags!

When people say they buy ridiculously over-priced, designer goods because of the quality, they're fuckin' lying.

***NOTE: I was going to end this post right here, but I guess I'll expound a little bit so you won't take these jewels for granted. Thank me later...or now.***

I'm not talking about choosing to purchase Charmin or Angel Soft toilet paper over the dollar store brand because nobody wants a hand full of shyt and TP dingleberries when dropping the kids off at the pool. Nobody. Although I've done it myself when my budget didn't allow me the luxury of fluffy, soft, quilted with feathers toilet tissue, it's ideal to splurge a couple of extra bucks or some change for an "upgrade" like this. I mean...when you think about it, as a heterosexual male, I'm already anal about what touches my ass. Pun. And at the core of it, it's only a couple of bucks.

However, when it comes to dropping upwards of one thousand (or any plural derivative) dollars on a purse or pair of shoes with "quality" being the rationale, I'm calling bullshyt. I wish people would be much more forthcoming with their testimonials when making high-end purchases like this. Afterall, Honesty IS The Best Policy, right?

But, No.

Being on this planet for one-third of a century and particularly being raised, bred, conditioned, educated, and RE-conditioned (solely based on my own standards) in a capitalist, materialistic society, I KNOW (per fact) that the REAL reason why people make such purchases is to floss. That's It.

It's not based on quality. It's based on a need to show off or perpetuate the (facade of a) lifestyle that many Americans admire and aspire to (for some reason...usually trying to keep up with the Jones'). It's not quality, it's the NAME or the BRAND that one is spending astronomical prices for.

It's obvious that (most) many name brands are of superior quality when compared to off-brand items and I'm by no means saying that quality isn't a factor at all, but to say that THAT'S the sole reason for making such a purchase is a lie. I don't feel anything is wrong with splurging on yourself (or tricking your doe off) if that's what you want to and can afford to do. Ball to you fall, player. If you're just a fan of a certain high-end brand because of the look or prestigue and how it makes you feel, by all means, shell out those duckets for it. Just be real about it and say that that's why you're doing it.

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