Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Some Thoughts...

...after watching the State of the Union Address:

*Gang affiliation is obviously not exclusive to the youth.

*As a Black man, the hate and disgust on an old white man's old wrinkled up face is truly a precious sight that will always warm my inner soul.

*Out of all my friends on facebook who run 5+ miles a day and are doing the p90x, the democratic senators have gotten a more intense workout from the all the standing, sitting, and clapping and ass kissing that they're doing.

*Nancy Pelosi must've been a cheer captain in her younger days.

*Where's Nino Brown when you need him? I kept hoping he would pop in Kanye West-style and say "SIT YO' FIVE DOLLAR ASS DOWN BEFORE I MAKE 'CHANGE'...for real!!"

*War goes on :-( Well at least for another 1.5 years...they say.

*The "United" States is an oxymoron.

*"I don't accept second place for the United States of America!" - Barack Obama. Sounds like a motto for the Olympic games.

*Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi looks like they're counting every single follicle in Barack Obama's head.

*Biden = Purple tie. Pelosi = Purple suit jacket. Obama = Purple least they're all matching.

*Looking at a room full of majority white people in High Definition is similar to watching a zombie movie.

*President Obama signing autographs on the way out...Priceless.

*All this talk sounds good than a muafugga don't it??

Y'all remember this joint right here?

Rashad "Tell em what they wanna hear"

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