Sunday, January 3, 2010

Educated Black Woman


I wonder why educated Black women don't recognize that when the term "educated Black women" is used in the media, it's often done with a very condescending tone. In a way, it's like saying "you're pretty...for a dark-skinned girl" or "you're the cutest big girl I've ever met". With all that "education", why oh why can't "educated" Black women recognize that they (read: the media) are patronizing you? On some real shyt, when was the last time you've heard the phrase "educated WHITE woman" or "educated ASIAN woman"? Probably never.

Over the past month or so, I've read about Helena Andrews, whose story "Bitch Is The New Black" (very attractive, right?) is set to be published as a book and is optioned for a movie deal (before the book is even complete). Many of my peers have blogged and posted articles about the Washington Post story and how they feel about it. VerySmartBrothas, Keep It Trill, and Sister Toldja are a few that have very insightful outlooks on the situation and I encourage you to check them out. Personally, I know several women who fall into this category and although I sympathize with their situation, I realize that in stories like these, they are being used as pawns. While the "educated" or "successful" Black woman is made out to be the proverbial victim, I feel that one point is persistently missed. THIS IS MORESO A DIRECT ATTACK ON THE BLACK MAN!

***SIDENOTE: Are these women REALLY successful if they are unhappy in their REAL lives? Life is much more than a degree and a job if you ask me. END SIDENOTE***

My passion lies in the arts and multi-media and I guess game recognize game because I can see right pass what some stories the mass media is pumping through the veins of Black American culture. Take for example, the ABC story posted above. Check the reporter's tone throughout the whole joint. Check the statistics that are and have been regurgitated to us since forever. Check the convinient way decent and good Black men are excluded from the equation PERIOD.

Although stories like this are meant to be somewhat of a voice for women who fit into that "successful woman" category, it only throws Black men under the bus...and in essence, Black women also. Black women because they are only being used to perpetuate negative stereotypes and tearing apart the idea of the Black family.

For the sistas who fall into this category, I'm not all-knowing and I don't have all the answers in how to find you a good Black man (although I can co-sign most of VSB's points). My only wish is that you look at the big picture and don't allow yourself to be used by internalizing this to be all about you. Because you and I both know, the media don't give a fuck about you...unless you're buying movie tickets, books and magazines, or increasing their ratings.